About Kendall Boyd

Kendall is a very proud Colorado native. Having grown up in urban Denver, she absolutely loves the uniqueness of our historic neighborhoods. Over the years she's seen Denver’s exciting transformation from having a fairly small town feel, to becoming a more cosmopolitan city, with so many amenities drawing transplants from all over the country.

Kendall bought her first home in the West Highland more than fifteen years ago. At the time, she was simply looking for an investment, but quickly realized how much where she lived impacted her lifestyle. She understands how important it is to match "where you live" with "how you live." Kendall sees her role as a real estate agent to partner with buyers in finding their perfect fit. Not just a house, but their home, their neighborhood and their community. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to help home buyers find their dreams in Denver. In her past life she spent more than 10 years in radio advertising sales and account management. This background gives her the experience needed to effectively market the homes of her sellers and professionally manage the home buying process for her buyers. Kendall is passionate about serving her clients well!

Travel is also one of Kendall's passions! She's happy taking a weekend road trip, climbing The Great Wall of China or sailing in the Carribean. She truly loves learning about people, their cultures and the places they live. Having seen many diverse parts of the world, she has a great appreciation for the mountains, and the overall beauty of Colorado. "We are so lucky to live here!" Most warm weather weekends, she's heading west to hike and explore new trails. And she plans on tackling another fourteener this year. She also enjoys the escape of a good book, exploring new restaurants, wine tastings, painting and urban “hikes” around town.

What Clients Are Saying About Kendall…

“I have known Kendall a long time. We worked together in radio for many years. When my husband and I were looking to purchase a new home, our first call was to Kendall. We were unsure of how to get started and what to do next. She was very knowledgeable and patient every step of the way. Kendall always returned text messages, emails and voicemails in a very professional and timely manner. I couldn’t recommend Kendall more to my friends and family, and I have on several occasions. At closing on our new home, the listing agent said, “Kendall, you were the most buttoned-up and thorough agent I have ever worked with in my 20+ years.” I couldn’t agree more.”

- Emily Kyle

"Kendall was wonderful to work with. We were first time buyers and she guided us through the process with minimal pain. After we found our home, her advice on making sure we get the sewer line scoped in addition to the typical home inspection literally saved us thousands of dollars! She was always available to answer any questions we asked and was great with making sure we met all the necessary deadlines. We would definitely use her again!"
-Patrick Young and Emily Bremer

“I really can't say enough good things about Kendall's work. We hired her as our realtor to buy our very first house back in 2010. We ended up getting an amazing deal on a great place in the Highlands - and that came entirely down to Kendall. Our budget was low, but you would have assumed it was very high based on the effort Kendall put in. She went above and beyond at every step of the way. She was always 10 steps ahead. When we thought of something, Kendall had already started working on it because she knew before we did. She was lovely and friendly all the time. The seller's realtor was not easy to work with but Kendall was always professional in her dealings. I was so impressed by what a highly skilled negotiator she was. As a result she got the best deal possible for us. I rarely write reviews - but I was so happy with Kendall, I want everyone else to work with her too!”
- Sarah Timms and Scott Hendrick

”Kendall was the best thing that happened to us. We loved working with her."
- Ryan and Thea Sanchez

“Kendall was highly recommended to us as we were out-of-staters about to become 'Denver transplants' - and she truly was just the right fit! From the day we met and signed the contract through house closing, Kendall provided exemplary service, expertise and professionalism. She not only helped us find the perfect home, but did a fabulous job keeping the closing timeline on schedule and ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork was taken care of. We were continuously impressed by her ability to gauge our interests and always be so helpful and enthusiastic. We enjoyed an incredibly smooth and painless home-buying experience and had a lot of fun during the process - we undoubtedly recommend Kendall and will definitely work with her again!”
-Stephanie and Kory Kyllo

“Kendall really listened to what we were looking for in a house and in the areas we were interested in. She was great at sending us listings that met this criteria and highlighted our home to us that we ended up purchasing. It was a competitive bidding process for our now home, and she did a great job of selling us as the best buyers to move forward with. We love our new home!”
- Thom Curtis & Marnae Sheffield

"Kendall really knows her stuff! Personable, professional, thorough and organized."

- Robert Greene

"I am a first-time home buyer, and was so grateful to my realtor Kendall for taking the time to really slow down the process and explain confusing details to me. At times, I needed her to explain particularly confusing terminology to me quite a few times, which she did respectfully and patiently. I am highly satisfied with my experience."

- Crystal Hollenbeck

"Kendall was highly recommended to us by close friends who had worked with her when purchasing their house in the Highlands last spring. She immediately inspired a sense of trust and security, and instilled in us a feeling of confidence as homebuyers. Kendall was with us in person every step of the way from touring model homes, signing our contract, meeting with builders and inspectors and, of course, our closing. The task of building and purchasing our first home appeared daunting at first, but became enjoyable and gratifying with Kendall’s expertise and support. She was compassionate, efficient, and professional at all times. She helped us navigate the complex agreements and difficult language associated with purchasing a home for the first time, and she saved us money by negotiating compromises and catching mistakes on multiple occasions. Kendall is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for a home in the Denver area, and we will gladly recommend her services to our friends and family!"

- Jeff and Courtney Klein

"As a first time home buyer, I knew nothing about buying a home and wasn’t sure what I wanted. Kendall Boyd patiently supported me through the whole process. Her insight and expertise helped me find the clarity I needed which eventually led me to the perfect home for me. I would definitely recommend Kendall as an agent. She was awesome!"

-Dina Fanter

"Kendall Boyd did a great job working with me to find the home I ended up buying. She was attentive to my needs and extremely responsive to questions and help I needed during the process. She also exhibited broad knowledge of both the areas in Denver I was interested in as well as the subtle nuances of the entire process from offer to closing!"

-Brian Nichols

"Kendall is a fabulous agent! She was delightful to work with, but always very professional. Being from out-of-state, we appreciated how quickly Kendall helped us understand the Denver real estate market and helped us identify where we wanted to live. We found the perfect place at the right price and could not be happier. We highly recommend Kendall!"

-Charles and Brenda Jacklin

"We just sold our rental house with the help of Live Urban Real Estate agent, Kendall Boyd, who deserves many kudos for helping to get this house sold! We are so ecstatic and want to give high praise in her efforts throughout the entire selling process. She worked countless hours in helping us to do everything possible in order to get the highest value possible in a down economy. She helped coordinate bringing in an interior designer to pick colors and stage the house; she kept up with comparable homes on the market as well as recently sold homes to make sure we were competitively priced, and she touched base with us weekly to answer any questions we had or to make recommendations to assist us in selling the house. From start to finish, she was a complete professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home!"

-Deanna Espejo

"Kendall is an excellent Realtor. She helped us with the sale of our house and with the purchase of our new home. She really listened to what we wanted in a home, and we ended up with a great outcome in a timely manner. She was consistently available and always prompt and thorough in her responses to our questions. I would highly recommend her with no reservations."

-Erin Jacklin

"Kendall expertly guided us through the process of purchasing our first home. She impressed us with her proactive and hands on approach. Overall our experience with Live Urban Real Estate and Kendall Boyd was very positive. We would recommend Kendall to anyone looking for a new home."

- Kristin Hanson and Michael Propp

Q&A With Kendall…

Where do you LIVE?
I live in West Highland. This fabulous neighborhood has been my home for more than 15 years. I absolutely love the sense of community here! That, and having a ton of great restaurants and parks all within walking distance makes the Highlands my ideal neighborhood. And, it just keeps getting better!

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?

True. There are a lot of agents on the planet. But, I strongly believe that there needs to be a real connection. Not all realtor estate brokers are a good match for all buyers and sellers. We all know that real estate is a people business. It really takes an understanding of your clients, knowing how to meet their specific needs and manage their expectations, while guiding them through the process of making this huge life change. I really enjoy the connections I have with my clients! It’s incredibly rewarding to help them through this process and be able to create an enjoyable experience along the way. I love being part of the evolution of simply a property, to a contract, to a new home!

What Music Is Currently In Your iPod?

I have a pretty eclectic mix…to say the least! I love the nostalgia of 80’s alternative music, the energy behind bands like Face to Face and Green Day, and classics like Fleetwood Mac. I also have a lot of compilations of world music. Music truly creates a mood for me. What better way to take an inexpensive vacation!

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?

I try to give back as much as I can, but my consistent philanthropic effort goes to Bonfils Blood Center. Donating blood is one thing that can impact absolutely anyone. Knowing you are making a contribution that can potentially save another life is a great reward. I also volunteer time with Project Angel Heart and Denver Hospice.

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?

Wow! Tough question! Can’t say there is only one. I pride myself on knowing a lot of great restaurants in Denver. For a super casual breakfast burrito and taco stop I love Burrito Giant, Royal India for the best Indian lunch buffet - perfect on a cold day. In the summer, anywhere with a great patio and a good wine list. Vita tops this list. But, overall Uncle is the current favorite - amazing rice and noodle dishes in a fun, unpretentious space. I’m always open to suggestions and happy to share mine. So much for best kept secrets!